Friday, 18 July, ARENDAL (Norway): The Qatar Team has lodged a protest against the yellow card issued to Qatar 96 pilots, Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani and Steve Curtis, by the WPPA Race Committee following the Russian Grand Prix in Moscow.

WPPA spokesperson Rory Power said, "There was no protest at the time; but normal procedure is for any incident to be investigated by the race committee to look at the circumstances." The yellow card – given for the incident between Qatar 96 and Victory 7 on the first lap that resulted in both boats sustaining considerable damage – was issued five days after the event, citing race rule 29.08, Right of Way Overtaking/Passing in a turn.

Qatar Team Manager, Matteo Nicolini, is unimpressed with the decision taken by the WPPA Officials and has rejected, out-of-hand, the yellow card. "The penalty was not issued in the right time and over the five day limit – so we simply reject the decision and the card," adding, "I do not understand the reason for the decision. The rule is clear. If two boats are going for the turn, the outside boat must give way. Qatar 96 was on the inside. There is a rule that can be applied, if a crew is deemed to have acted in an unsafe manner or against the spirit of the sport.

"The Qatar Team always acts