What you have to do...

Many of the home trainers don’t know that are 3 basic things they need to do before and after their walking treadmill workouts.

First is the warm up: walk at a lower pace for 3-4 minutes.
Second is cool down: this period will relax your muscles and will give you time to catch your breath
Stretching period: Does a 5 minute streachin session before every treadmill exercise. This session prepare the muscle for the workout and prevent any muscle injuries.

Also, if you are beginner start by doing walking exercises and if you start loving doing this you can move to jogging and running.

Also a very important thing: do your exercises correctly. Is very tempting to put your hand on the sidebars or look down on the TV mounted in the console but this is very wrong. You should keep a correct posture with straight shoulder and head up.