Khmer movies

I bet there are many Khmer abroad who have no clue if asked to identify today's stars. Why? Because there are so few great Khmer films out there to attract their attention. It is also because Khmer movies are just being overshadowed by foreign films. Not long ago in the old days, Khmer movies and stars were so popular that they could be compared with those of thai lakorn in khmer and chinese series in khmer. It was easy to see why, because back then the stars could act, the film writer could write, and the movie director could direct, not to mention the soundtrack writer/composer/singer, you know Sin Sisamuth, could produce great soundtracks for the movies. If you combine all of these elements, how can you not have a great film? Today, all of these elements are missing or you can say were lost during the Khmer Rouge era. I believe that in the near future these elements will return so that Khmer films can shine once again. Let us support Khmer films/stars. You know they will improve with our constant support. I agreed to the comments that I received from the visitors to this site that they need more acting skills, better directors, or better movie making equipments, but those kind of things will eventually come through time.