OTC drugs and prescription medications online databases

What do you think when you read this article title? Well, I think that it talks about what over the counter (OTC) medications and prescription drugs that could be ordered online or where you can get the information about thousands of medical and health products. Well, when you check out this site, it tells you that it is about pharmaceutical and healthcare online databases, which helps people like myself and family members who are not update on the technical terms.

When I start to explore the site and try words out to see what I can find, I found out that qualaquin is a funny word, but has a serious meaning. It is oral capsules of quinine sulfate produced by AR Holding, which can be either good or bad. It just depends on whether or not you want to make it help you or hurt you. Another word or term that I found interesting was rabipur which contains information about inactivated rabies virus vaccine from Novartis pharmaceutical and othe biotechnologies companies. After searching for more drugs and medication I searched and found an interesting anti depression or anti anxiety loxapine antipsychotic drug list with apo loxapine succinate, loxapac IM, loxitane C, loxitane IM, dom-loxapine, nu-loxapine, phl-loxapine that has a lot of categories of what the product is in. Also you can find here the details about the medicines like lovastatin drug sach as rovacor, apo lovastatin, dom-lovastatin, ran-lovastatin, advicor and mevacor. If I was to list them all here, I wouldn’t have any room left since it has quite a bit of information that would be useful to a lot of people.