Online Games

Online games come in many shapes and sizes. Most of these games are developed using Macromedia Flash. Because of the spread of this tool and the ease of use it has, new flash and online games are developed by the hundreds daily. The best thing about these games though, is that while it may have taken the developer a very long time to make the graphics and the motions your characters and others in the game will do, they don’t charge a single penny. That’s right! Instead of spending 60 dollars on the newest games for your Xbox or Playstation, you can get online and play thousands of free online games… Free! Many of these games are broken down into different categories.

Are you into action games? These are one of the more populated categories for free online games. You could go out and buy that game so you can play it alone, or just share the experience with free online games. Want to shoot some Zombies and own a giant boss at the end of the level? Well then these online games are for you. With the click of a button and some pushes of the directional buttons you will be well into your way on doing just that.

Are you a more adventurous type of person? Want to search a cave or hold hands with Mario? Look in the free online games section of adventure games. These will fulfill their purposes of taking you underground with nothing but a flashlight hunting out baddies. People even recreate whole Mario games, exact to the last detail and publish them as free online games. So instead of going out to buy the 50th+ version of Mario Party, get it here and get it free as an online game.

Who is a fan of Warcraft 1, 2, and 3. Who is absolutely addicted to Warcraft Tower Defense. You no longer have to spend 50 dollars and up to buy these games and their successors. With free online strategy and simulation online games you can do it from the comfort of your internet connection without the big price tags. Build up your castles defenses and destroy the enemy before they even have a chance to see the white of your eyes. Addicted to the Sims? With these free online games you can build a house and toy with someone else’s life for free. Be it for good or evil purposes, you will find your purpose with strategy and simulation games.

If you are one that is addicted with the need… The Need for Speed, free online games provides you with a blaring answer. Put your car up for pink slips and trade paint as your race down a quarter mile stretch of track racing for that first position in Drag Racer v3. Want to pimp your ride? You most certainly can with paint jobs, stereos, and you can even make your car hop. Tired of the police always pulling you over for speeding. Do it without that risk with online games. If you want to total a police car, feel free to ram him!

The amount of categories for free online games is countless. Be sure you check them all out to see which online games you love the most!