Mangosteen Juice from XanGo

Over the years, we have seen new supplements come and go with alarming frequency. We no sooner hear that one product is the answer to all our problems when the next super supplement is introduced. XanGo appears to be an exception to the quick "rise and fall" trends of nutritional supplements. XanGo is a nutritional supplement that has sustained phenomenal growth over the past few years. People love this nutritional supplement for a variety of reasons.

XanGo is one product that tastes great! While there are many different products and liquid supplements available that taste less than esirable, XanGo actually tastes like an exotic fruit beverage. Matter of fact, there have even been stories of hotels and corporations using XanGo as a fancy drink at meetings and banquets. We are even starting to see recipes for preparing unique beverages out of XanGo. The mangosteen fruit is one of the best tasting fruits, and has earned the nickname "Queen of Fruits" for this reason.

In addition to its great taste, XanGo juice is popular because people feel better when taking the product. XanGo customers tell us frequently how this antioxidant beverage has improved the quality of their life. People have credited this beverage with helping with joint pain, cleansing, headaches, acid reflux, low energy, asthma, allergies and much more. In reality, XanGo will not cure any disease but it does give the body nutrients and antioxidants that help fight aging and disease. It is believed that the xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit are reponsible for the benefits that people experience while taking XanGo. Xanthones are phytonutrients which have extremely powerful antioixdant properties. Xanthones are being researched all over the world for potential benefits in everything from HIV to cancer. They are believed to be anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti inflammatory and much more. There are about 200 xanthones known to man, and the mangosteen fruit contains at least 40 of them - which is higher than any other known food.

When comparing the various mangosteen products, it is important to remember that XanGo was the first company to market mangosteen as a nutritional supplement. Most of the benefits that people have experienced have resulted from taking the XanGo brand mangosteen juice. XanGo has a multi-year headstart over other companies in the mangosteen business. Since XanGo is the only product that they sell, they have been able to focus extensively on researching the mangosteen fruit. Their scientists understand how to process the mangosteen fruit in such a way to preserve the nutrients and xanthones. Xango is also actively pursuing patents on its formulation and has already been rewarded at least one patent relating the how mangosteen juice is processed.

XanGo Mangosteen is a multi-level marketing company which means that they move their product through independent distributors. You typically would not see Xango in a retail store. The product typically retails for about $50 per bottle, but we have seen it online as cheap as $39.95 per bottle from XanGo. Another option for obtaining Xango juice is to sign up to be a distributor with Xango - and then order directly from the company warehouse. There is even an opportunity to earn extra income by marketing the product to family and friends. If you are looking to improve the quality of your health, we believe that Xango is definitely worth trying. We recommend buying four bottles of Xango as a good test to see if it will help you. You may find yourself to be one of the thousands of people who have decided never to be without the product again!