Information on Obesity and Treatments

Every year, 9000 premature deaths result due to obesity in England. It reduces life expectancy by nine years. Obese or overweight people not only suffer due to their weight problem but also have to face social and psychological problems. Some of the problems that obese people often face are depression, inequality, prejudice, stigmatization, and low self-esteem. After smoking, obesity is the major preventable cause of death in adults. The worst part is that adult obesity is now culminating into childhood obesity.

Tackling obesity

Government is doing its job but some responsibility lies on your shoulders too to tackle obesity. It is not an easy task to tackle obesity and you might encounter more problems than you imagine.

Some of the problems that you may have to overcome while tackling obesity are as follows:

- Self-control and determination

If it was easy to control one’s diet and watch what you eat, obesity would never have been such a global phenomenon in the first place. Most people lack determination and conviction when they take measures to tackle obesity.

- Eating behaviour

Our society over-indulges in food during festivals, holidays, and joyful events. It is common to see people eat more than they need just because the food is tasty. This habit is often carried on in later years and people have an unhealthy eating behaviour.

- Plenty of choices of unhealthy food

The fast-paced and frenzied lifestyles of people today force them to eat unhealthy, junk food. The choices available are also unhealthy including fries, chips, wafers, and other such oily snacks. Children also tend to like unhealthy food more than healthy nutritious food.

- Inactive lifestyles

People have automobiles to travel, machines to clean houses, equipment to make food, television for entertainment. All these machines leave little scope for people to engage in strenuous exercise.

Obesity Treatments

With the rise in incidence of obesity, there is a rise in the treatments for obesity too. There are some prescription medications also available, which are approved by health authorities for the treatment of obesity. Some prescription drugs available for impotence are Acomplia, Reductil, and Xenical. Seek medical consultation and ask a doctor which of these drugs will prove to be safe and effective for you.

Remember, it is hard to tackle obesity but it is not entirely impossible, so take necessary steps for it as early as possible.