Best Gimp tutorials

Tutorialhero.com is a web site that exhaustively describes the various computer related issues and provides free tutorials to its various visitors. The web site comprehensively covers various topics including java, dream weaver and flash. The site also details various operating systems that are commonly in use (windows and Linux amongst others). The web site has gained popularity at a rapid pace owing to its interactive nature. The site proves to be an attractive medium between the readers and the tutorial providers. The tutorials can also be submitted easily by any individual who is willing to do so.

The web site also provides extensive study material on the GNU image manipulation program also commonly known as Gimp. The Gimp tutorials comprise of various sections of the image manipulation program. Various aspects including basics of Gimp, Animation and 3d effects, photo effects, and web site layouts are discussed in great details. Some of the tutorials that are highly popular with the numerous visitors are the tutorials that deal with the creation of light saber effects, glass lettering which is transparent, wallpapers with flames, and various muted effects for various pictures. These tutorials also interactively discuss various web graphics along with the tiles and varying textures that are employed in the image manipulation program.

The web site also offers great learning opportunities for those visitors of the web site who wish to learn Flash. The Flash tutorials that are available detail the various tasks that any individual can perfect. The sub sections of the category comprise of specialized topics that deal with the software. Some of the topics that have been covered are flash games; flash web designing, dealing with the various types of data and flash optimization. The web site significantly enhances the knowledge level of its readers and thus is vastly popular.