Colourful, charismatic and totally committed is what best describes Giorgioffshore. Originally running as Team Offshore 2000, team owner/throttleman Gianni Giorgi led the team to multiple successes in Class 3, 6litre winning the 1993 World and Italian Championships, setting the world speed record the same year. In 1994 the team stepped up to compete in the Italian Class 1series and in 1996 made their international Class 1 debut winning the Dubai Gold Cup. In 2002 Gianni focused his attention on team management and handed racing duties to son Nicola and Tomaso Polli. The team was renamed Giorgioffshore in 2003 and a new Cougar hull followed in 2004 as well as several new racing partners for Nicola over the next two years. In 2006 Nicola was joined in the cockpit by Norwegian, Pal Virik Nilsen, and this year is partnered once again by Tomaso Polli.